Silver Viking Knit chain w/ Dragon heads


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This handmade sterling silver viking knit chain is made in exactly the same fashion it was done during the Viking age. This pattern of woven wire necklace has been found in excavations dating back as far as the 8th century . Double-woven from a strand of hand wrought wire 80 to 100 feet long, the necklace is surprisingly soft and subtle after it has been drawn to proper diameter.

This necklace has sterling silver Dragon head terminals grasping an oath ring. If you order the necklace with a Thor’s hammer at the same time, the hammer will be permanently attached to the oath ring. Otherwise, the oath ring will have a saw cut joint which your local jeweler can solder closed after installing whatever pendant you like on there.

If you order a chain, and a pendant in the same order, it is assumed the pendant was selected to go on the chain unless specified otherwise.

These handmade items take a very long time to create. Please allow 4-6 weeks for these custom handmade pieces. PLEASE DO NOT START A CHARGEBACK with your credit card company. Your necklace is coming, it takes time. I appreciate and thank you for your patience.

These chains are available in several lengths. The shorter chains (that do not fit over the head) are split at the back and a clasp is installed. All chains long enough to slip over the head are left whole unless a clasp is requested.

(Thor’s hammer and sword in photograph is for illustrative purposes only and is sold separately)

  • Made from .925 sterling silver wire that is rolled and drawn right here in Whirlingsun’s studio.
  • Double-knit viking knit chain handwoven and drawn to 4.5mm diameter
  • Sterling silver dragon head terminals cast using the lost wax casting method
  • (approx.) 1″ diameter twisted wire Oath ring made from .925 sterling silver

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16" (406mm), 18" (457mm), 20" (508mm), 22" (559mm), 24" (609mm), 26" (660mm), 28" (711mm)


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