Silver Skane Thor’s Hammer w Lume Eyes


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This large Thor’s Hammer pendant is styled after the Skane mjolnir found in Sweden and cast in .925 Sterling silver using the lost wax casting method. Individual tube bezels are handmade and set in place of the eyes and 3mm Swarovski round Cubic Zirconias are set in them.

What makes this Mjolnir unique and special is the proprietary “Glowing eyes” effect added to the settings. After careful research and a lot of trial and error a technique was developed to allow “lume” compound to be formed as a bedding under the stones. This lume compound is the same material used for Tank and fighter-jet instrument dials and some high dollar watches. This non-radioactive compound will produce a dazzling ice-blue glow after exposure to light. To the best of our knowledge and research, this has not been successfully done by anyone else.

Swarovski Cubic Zirconias were chosen because of their perfect and consistent cut and great refraction of light. The backlight “cat eye” effect they provide for the eyes is impossible to fully demonstrate over a computer monitor. They look like regular Cubic Zirconiums in normal light, but then they “come alive” in the dark as if the stones themselves are light sources.

The images in this listing were not photoshopped except to add the watermark. First a photo was taken in low light with the camera on a tripod and the timer set (to eliminate vibrations) and then the eyes were “charged” with a flashlight for a few seconds and the glowing shot was taken.

Thor’s Hammer pendants were widely worn as amulets in the Viking era. Today they are worn by practitioners of Germanic Neopaganism worldwide as a symbol of their faith.
Product Features:

Cast from approximately 1.5 ounces of .925 sterling silver using the lost wax casting method.
measures 1 5/8 inches (41mm) high by 1 3/8 inches (35mm) wide by 3/8 inches (9.5mm) thick at its thickest point.
3mm Cubic Zirconias are set in tube bezel “eyes”
A proprietary bedding is enameled into the setting causing the eyes to “glow” an eerie ice blue.
It has a hole through the top which can accommodate a cord or chain up to 5mm diameter.
Individually cast using the Lost wax casting method

Necklace or chord sold separately.

Please note: These large pendants are individually cast and hand finished and may not be immediately in stock. They take more time and materials to create than most of the items we offer. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery.

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Weight 2 oz


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