Small silver Thor’s Hammer


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Mjolnir: The Hammer of Thor

In Norse mythology, Mjolnir is the name of the hammer carried by the Thunder God Thor. Distinctively shaped, Mjöllnir is depicted as one of the most fearsome weapons, capable of leveling mountains.

Thor’s Hammers were widely worn as amulets in the Viking era. Today they are worn by practitioners of Germanic Native spirituality worldwide as a symbol of their faith.

This is a modern looking Sterling Silver Thor’s hammer that was designed after several people began asking for “office attire appropriate” Asatru jewelry.

Product Features

  • Individually handmade from .925 sterling silver using the lost wax casting method.
  • measures 1 inch (25mm) high by 3/4 inch (19mm) wide
  • It has a hole through the top which can accommodate a cord or chain up to 1/8″ (4mm) diameter

Cord or chain sold separately.


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