Silver Anglo Saxon Thunor’s Hammer



The Hammer of Thunor (Thor)

In Anglo Saxon heathenry, Thunor (Þunor) is the son of  Woden. His name in Old English literally means “thunder”. He is a great towering God of the Ese with exceptional strength, which he needs to wield his eoten (giant) smashing hammer.

Based on an archeological find from Gilton, Kent, England, dating from around the 6th century, this represents the oldest knowHammer of Thunor (Thor) pendant ever discovered.

Product Features

  • Cast from approximately half an ounce of .925 sterling silver using the lost wax casting method
  • measures 2-1/2 inches (62mm) high by 7/8 inches (24mm) wide
  • It has a hole through the top which can accommodate a cord or chain up to 3/16″ (5mm) diameter


Additional information

Weight 1 oz


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