Bronze Replica Danish Lolland Rune Thor’s Hammer


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In the spring of 2014 spring, metal detectorist Torben Christjansen found a small amulet in Købelev on the Danish island of Lolland.  One side of the hammer’s head is decorated with interlacing pattern, the other side with a runic inscription seven characters long.

This is the first Thor’s hammer amulet ever found inscribed with runes.


Examining it under a microscope, museum runologist Lisbeth Imer was able to translate the inscription and it resolves the hammer question in the bluntest terms possible: the runes read “Hmar x is ,” or in modern Danish “Hammer is” (the x isn’t a letter but a delimiter between two words). Translated into English the inscription simply says “This is a hammer.”


Whirling Sun is proud to offer a painstakingly crafted replica of this historic find. Though the original “HMAR” was made of bronze and silver plated, this replica is solid ancient Bronze. A thousand years of corrosion had left the original slightly asymmetrical, but this Hammer copy is square and true. Unlike the original, you will not need a sophisticated electron microscope to read the Danish (long branch) Younger Futhark runes.

“Hagall, Maðr, Ár, Reið, x, Isa, Sol.”

Measuring 2cm wide, and 2.5cm tall, this amulet is cast in ancient bronze using the lost wax casting method.

The hole through the top of the hammer will accept a cord or chain up to 4mm diameter. Necklace or chain not included.

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