Black Sun (schwarze Sonne) Silver pendant


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This Sterling Silver pendant features the Black Sun, also known as the Sunwheel. ( German: Schwarze Sonne, Sonnenrad). Twelve Sowilo runes form a wheel possibly of the Zodiac. The Black sun is inlaid in the floor of the Castle of Wewelsburg. The Black sun is behind the Golden Sun; Its light is invisible to the physical world.

This Black Sun pendant is meticulously hand-sawn from .925 Sterling Silver sheet using using antique hand tools which have been in my family over 100 years.

It measures approximately 1 inch (25mm) in diameter and has a handmade bale that will accommodate a necklace up to 11/64″ (4.5mm).

Necklace or cord is not included.

These pendants are individually hand crafted from sterling silver and may take extra time to complete.

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Weight .2 oz


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