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In Norse mythology, Mjolnir is the name of the hammer carried by the Thunder God Thor. Distinctively shaped, Mjöllnir is depicted as one of the most fearsome weapons, capable of leveling mountains.

Thor’s Hammer pendants were widely worn as amulets in the Viking era. Today they are worn by practitioners of Germanic Neopaganism worldwide as a symbol of their faith.

Whirling Sun is offering a large, thick and heavy Thor’s hammer inspired by an original found in Skane, Sweden. Unlike the original, which is hollow and flat on the back, our solid Bronze re-creation has a front and a back side.
Product Features:

Cast from approximately 1.5 ounces of Ancient Bronze.
measures 1 5/8 inches (41mm) high by 1 3/8 inches (35mm) wide by 3/8 inches (9.5mm) thick at its thickest point.
It has a hole through the top which can accommodate a cord or chain up to 5mm diameter.
Individually cast using the Lost wax casting method

Necklace or chord sold separately.

Please note: These large pendants are individually cast and hand finished and may not be immediately in stock. They take more time and materials to create than most of the items we offer. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery.

“The hammer pendant found in Skane, Sweden was always my favorite Mjolnir Design. when I set out to create a really heavy, thick amulet, this was my inspiration. I didn’t feel the need to make a perfect, historically accurate, model of the original. There are some near-perfect replicas out there already. I wanted something in the style of that hammer, but I wanted it to be solid and 2 sided. ”

-Mike, The artist

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