Swentowit Zbruch Idol Sterling Silver Pendant


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Product Description

Svetovid (Ukrainian: Світовид, Polish: Świętowit, Russian: Святовит), is a Slavic deity of war, fertility and abundance primarily venerated on the island of Rügen into the 12th century. He is often considered a local Rugian variant of the pan-Slavic god Perun.

Sometimes referred to as Beli (or Byali) Vid (Beli = white, bright, shining), Svetovid is often depicted with a sword or bow in one hand and a drinking horn in the other. Other important symbols included the white horse, which were kept in his temple and used in divination.

This sterling silver pendant depicts the Zbruch Idol, a 9th century limestone statue of Swentowit. Pendant is 4 sided and measures 2 1/4″ tall and 1/4″ thick. It weighs .6 ounces. Bale will accept necklace or cord (not included) up to 4mm diameter.

Very limited supply.

These are not Whirling Sun designs. A friend was traveling through Poland and picked up a handful of these, eventually trading them to us. We have no clue about the maker, or how to get more. We will not be casting these as they are someone else’s work.

Additional Information

Weight .0625 lbs


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