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Sterling Silver Valknut Pendant (medium)


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Product Description

A symbol often found carved on stone, or funeral wear. Theories differ on the meaning of this symbol, some linking it to the Þyr Hrungnir (Hrungnir’s heart), as this was supposed to be triangular and made of stone. Others point out the importance of the number three (Holy Trinity?), and that it is made up of three interlaced triangles, which of course total nine, the number of realms. It is found carved in many of the ‘Germanic’ homelands, and what is known is that it is linked to Woden and the ‘fallen’. It is used today as a symbol by many Germanic Neopagan groups, to show their reverence of the Great God Woden.

Product Features:

crafted from Sterling Silver using the Lost wax casting method
The sterling silver bale will accept a necklace or cord up to 5mm diameter.
Measures 1.25 inches (33mm) tall and 1 inches (26mm) wide.
Hand made from .925 sterling silver sheet, and finished with a reticulated pattern.

A necklace or cord is not included.

Additional Information

Weight .03 lbs


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