Sterling Silver Ægishjálmr Helm of Awe pendant


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Product Description

The Helm of awe is a talisman for strengthening its wearer and striking awe and terror in those who view it. In Norse mythology, the dragon Fafnir wore it while guarding his hoard.

And Fáfnir said, “An ægishjálmr I bore up before all folk, after that I brooded over the heritage of my brother, and on every side did I spout out poison, so that none dared come near me, and of no weapon was I afraid, nor ever had I so many men before me, as that I deemed myself not stronger than all; for all men were greatly afraid of me.”

Sigurd said, “Few may have victory by means of that same ægishjálmr, for whoever comes among many shall one day find that no one man is by so far the mightiest of all.”


This Sterling silver Ægishjálmr is completely handmade, starting with the design traced onto sheet-silver and then carefully hand-cut with a saw and finished with a reticulated pattern. It has a sterling silver bale which will accept a necklace or cord up to 5mm diameter (not included).

Pendant measures approximately 1″ (25.4mm) in diameter.

Additional Information

Weight .03 lbs


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