Silver Raven Meade Horn tip


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Product Description

This is a massive sterling silver meade horn tip based on a find from IX century Norway.

It is cast from solid sterling silver and weighs over 1.6 troy ounces. It measures 4″ long. The opening is 5/16″ diameter and tapers to a point inside the conical back. This should be mounted on a long, skinny horn with a narrow point.

The tip is designed to be epoxied onto a horn that has been sanded and shaped to fit.

This is a complicated piece to make. There are 6 individual parts that are separately cast and lathe turned, then permanently silver-brazed together to create this exquisite meade horn terminal.

The eyes are set with two 5mm diameter  faceted gemstones of your choice.

The faceted Gemstones included in this price are Laboratory created 5mm Birthstones. If you want a different stone, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

The (lab created) stone choices included in this price are:

Garnet (Corundum) – January Birthstone
Amethyst (Spinel Doublet) – February Birthstone
Aquamarine (Spinel) – March Birthstone
Cubic Zirconia – April Birthstone
Emerald (Spinel Doublet) – May Birthstone
Alexandrite (Corundum) – June Birthstone
Ruby (Corundum) – July Birthstone
Peridot (Spinel Doublet) – August Birthstone
Blue Sapphire (Corundum) – September Birthstone
Pink Tourmaline (Corundum) – October Birthstone
Golden Sapphire (Corundum) – November Birthstone
Blue Zircon (Spinel) – December Birthstone

Additional Information

Weight .06 lbs


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