Gar rune pendant

Enameled Silver Gar Rune pendant


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Product Description

Gar is the 33rd and Final rune in the Late Anglo Saxon Futhorc. The word Gar means “Spear” literally, and is specifically related to Gungnir, Odin’s spear.

This Gar pendant measures approximately 1.25″ (31mm) tall and .75″  (19mm) wide. It is cast using the lost wax casting method, then silver brazed to a hand forged sterling silver bale. Bale is made to accept cord or chain up to approximately 1/4″ (6mm) in diameter.

Enamel color: Emerald green (if you want another color, just ask, the possibilities are infinite)

The Cloisonné Enamel is done the old way, not with the epoxy “paint” often found in modern pieces. We cast this pendant then fill the channels with a wet slurry of ground colored glass (a mixture of sand, potash, borax and various metals to add color) and then fired at high temperature to fuse them into the silver.

Some enamel colors may contain red Lead. So.. don’t break it up and eat it.

Additional Information

Weight .03 lbs


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