Trade in your Silver or Gold scrap for credit toward your Purchase at Whirling Sun!

Do you have a box full of old jewelry that you never, ever wear? That hideous necklace someone gave you at the office’s secret santa, the ex’s ring, or that orphaned earring can be recycled into something you’ll cherish!

Whirling Sun is offering a service where you can send in your scrap silver, gold or white gold for credit toward your purchase. We sort the scrap and weigh it, then issue a gift certificate that you submit the next time you order from us.

How we determine the value of your scrap

We separate what you send in by type of metal and karat. All non-precious metal components are removed, such as stones, beads or strings. (Since there is no credit given for stones, and we do not have the resources to assay each stone, you may want to remove them yourself if you want to keep them.) Then the scrap metal is weighed. We will give you credit for 50% of the spot value of the precious metal contained in the scrap.

What this means is that if the spot price of pure gold is, say, $1,000 per ounce and you send in a 14 Karat necklace that weighs exactly one Troy ounce, your coupon will be for $292.50 ( 1 ounce of 14K gold contains 58.5 % gold and we credit 50% of spot value.)

We determine the spot price at the time we receive the metal and process it. Precious metals markets fluctuate wildly. One day silver can be worth 10 dollars an ounce, and by the time the mail man delivers your parcel to us, it could be $15 an ounce – or vice versa.

What we will accept

All Yellow gold of any Karat, White gold, 999 “fine” silver, 925 “sterling” silver, 800 “coin” silver and US “junk silver” coins can be traded in with us. The metal must be marked with a touch mark indicating its purity.

It does not matter if the item is broken, missing pieces or has been run over by an ambulance in the aftermath of a street fight, it’s only worth its melt value.


This mark identifies an item made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. It is very common in jewelry.


This mark also identifies a piece of jewelry made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.


This mark identifies silver items that are 99.9% pure silver. It is sometimes expressed “Fine”


10K is marked on gold alloys that contain 41.7% gold and a balance of alloying metals. It is the lowest gold content that can legally be called “gold”


14K is marked on gold alloys that contain 58.5% gold and a balance of alloying metals. It is used on white or yellow gold.


18K is marked on gold alloys that contain 75% gold and a balance of alloying metals. It is used on white or yellow gold.


24K is marked on pure gold. Sometimes it is expressed as “.999 fine” gold. many gold coins are .999 fine gold.

“Junk Silver”

US Quarters, Dimes, Half Dollars, and Dollars that were minted from 1964 and earlier contain 90% silver.

“Coin Silver”

Used mainly in coins and silverware, it is usually 80% silver. Sometimes it is expressed by a stamp saying “coin”.

What NOT to send

    We will not accept any of the following for consideration in our offer: 

  • Anything not marked with one of the above quality marks.
  • Anything silver or gold plated. This is a very thin layer of gold or silver over a base metal. So no, you will not get a quarter million dollar gift card from us if you ship us those gold plated rims.
  • Gold filled” This is a slightly thicker, thin layer of gold coated over a base metal.
  • Pewter
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass, bronze, copper, etc… Send only gold and silver as noted above. The scrap yard will accept all your brass and copper.
  • Electroplating solutions
  • At this time we are not accepting platinum or palladium.
  • Stolen goods. We don’t want the FBI here digging through our scrap bin looking for some dead rapper’s “gangsta” chain.
  • Anything you think you might want back one day. We are not a pawn shop. Your scrap will likely be melted down in short order.

How to ship us your hoard

For anyone shipping from the United States, the preferred method of shipping your hoard to us is via USPS priority mail with tracking and delivery confirmation. The USPS provides packaging free of charge on their website and at any post office. Their “small flat rate box” costs $4.95 to ship.

International trade-ins should please select the lowest cost shipping method available. Usually tracking and delivery confirmation will not work internationally anyway, so there is no reason to pay extra for it.

If you send in scrap that earns you over $20 in credit, you will also receive credit for shipping up to $5.00. Sorry, but it is not feasible to offer reimbursement of shipping costs on lesser amounts of jewelry. Please send your package, including a note who you are and a brief description of what you sent, to the following address:

Whirling Sun
C/O Mike
31-02 60th street
Woodside, NY 11377


Other considerations

Question: “How much will I get for the ruby in the ring I sent in?”

Answer: “Unfortunately, Nothing”

We do not have the resources to assay every stone that comes in to determine if it is natural, lab created, or a piece of fish tank gravel. When in doubt, take it out. If you think the stone in the item you are sending us is valuable, take it out. It don’t matter if you mangle the piece, it’s going to be scrapped anyway. Otherwise, if you send in a precious stone, you will not be credited for it and you forfeit all interest in the stone.

Question: “Will you use the silver scrap I send to create my Thor’s hammer?”

Answer: Yes, if you specifically request that the scrap you send be recycled into your particular piece of jewelry, we will honor that request. Sometimes people have a piece of jewelry which has sentimental value but is broken, worn out or just isn’t his style. He may want it “reincarnated” into something that will carry on that sentimentality. We will segregate your scrap and use it particularly on your casting if you request we do that.

Question: “I sent you a bracelet I found on the floor after a concert, you gave me scrap value for it, but then I saw it on E-Bay for a lot more. What gives?!”

Often, a piece of jewelery is worth many times its melt value. It’d be a real shame to melt down an antique Tiffany & Co. bracelet, both in an economic sense and in a collectible sense. The onus is on you to know what you are sending in for scrap credit. The deal is that we pay scrap value, not appraisal value. If you think a piece of jewelry “might be worth something”, find that out BEFORE you send it to us.

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