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Sculpting a 7″ Thor’s hammer for a wall plaque

I sculpted a 7″ tall model of a Skane style Mjolnir out of polymer clay the other day. There are too many undercuts in it to duplicate using the sand casting technique, so I will be making an RTV silicone mold and casting it in resin. I am planning on finishing it to look like […]

The Sand casting process

Since the lost wax process is complicated, potentially hazardous, and requires a lot of expensive tools to start with, I decided to do another tutorial. This one lets you start out with a bare minimum of equipment and still create stunning results. Sand Casting To get started sand casting, you will need the following: Casting […]

New Viking Coin Silver Bracelets

Viking coin Bracelet

There is a new bracelet in the jewelry section. It  is handmade from six sterling silver replica Viking coins which are painstakingly soldered onto rings and joined together. The coins are high quality reproductions of what actual viking era silver coins looked like. These coins feature a helmeted bust and the name Leif Ericsson. This […]

Producing a bezel setting

Hart bur is a cutter that is the exact size and shape as the gemstone.

We have begun producing our own bezel settings in-house. These are the silver (or gold) tubes used to hold a gemstone (like in the eyes of one of the birthstone Thor’s Hammers). So much work was going into fitting the commercially made bezels that it became time and cost effective to make them from raw […]