New pendants: Black Sun and Kolovrat

New Wax models for pendants and possibly pins.


There are two new designs soon to be available at whirling sun. One is the Kolovrat, a Slavic sunwheel symbol. The Other is the Germanic Schwartze Sonne, or “black Sun”.
The Kolovrat (lit.: “turning wheel”) was  present in pre-Christian Slavic mythology. It was dedicated to the sun god Svarog and often called “The wheel of Svarog.”

I had attempted to carve the black sun a number of times in the past with unsatisfactory results. There is a lot to it and I could never get the geometry just-right. This time I used a combination of the lathe, the rotary table, and several hours of hand carving; I am happy with the result. Molds are being prepared already.

I know several of my good customers have been asking about these two pendants for quite some time. I am very pleased to finally be able to offer them.



The black Sun
The Schwartze Sonne or black sun symbol.


Kolovrat wax carving
Kolovrat The wheel of Svarog